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We manufacture more effective blocking and jamming systems for possible threats
parallax layer
Tecnobit has specialized in developing and making of frequency Jamming systems of maximum effectiveness. We have a team with a great experience in designing and installing inhibiting equipment that have fulfilled its function successfully in a great number of cases.
We have developed a wide range of jamming systems, based on a new technology that monitors constantly the radio activity and applies the available Jamming power only in active frequencies, using the power more effectively. In response to our clients’ needs, we provide different types of technological solutions in Jamming field, always operating with the greatest effectiveness.

Our wide range of products includes:

  • Vehicular jamming systems: Equipped in vehicles and transportation systems, both civil and military.
  • Static jamming systems: : Installed in buildings.
  • Deployable Jamming Systems: For itinerant scenes where it is required a quick deployment, like in checkpoints or roadblocks.
  • Portable jamming systems: Essential when the equipment must be moved.
  • High power jamming systems: Necessary where large spaces must be covered. They fulfill a great request of protection for critical infrastructures, transport centers, energy plants, bank branches, intelligence centers and subsidiary buildings of the State Security Forces and Services.
  • UAV jamming systems: Essential to block UAV aircrafts.



parallax layer

We block the usual frequency bands in order to interrupt the signal for a possible dangerous receptor.

parallax layer

We offer the most innovating solutions in the field of Jamming Systems

Our systems emit signals in the wavelength spectrum so as to reach two principal goals:

  • Interrupt telecommunications: A task especially necessary in high security buildings or in missions for the neutralization of remotely controlled aerial vehicles.
  • Prevent the detonation of explosive devices controlled by radiofrequency.