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Productos de ingeniería


We develop products for each one in order to respond to the requests from our sector

The system Alacran 360° is one of our products that have been developed in regards to the existing demand in the near future.

This system lets install multiple dual cameras (infrared and visible) around the vehicle, creating a 360° surveillance system.

General Characteristics

  • It enables the recognition and identification of risks around the vehicle and it helps making tactical decisions suitable on site.
  • The infrared camera is a high quality cooling one, based on the ODIN-D model, designed by Tecnobit.
  • Includes a video processing unit (VPU) for situational awarness and provides a process capactity up to 16 SD video streams in real time, 8 infrared video streams and 8 visible video streams.

Main advantages

  • It is a customizable system, according to each client requests; the vehicle can be adapted to each case and many advanced functionalities can be included.
  • High resolution and sensibility; can be used in low visibility conditions such as night, rain, fog, dust, smoke, etc.
  • Light and compact
  • The system is compatible with the standards of encoding, packaging and digital video management, specified in the GVA architecture.