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We offer the best option for surveillance and observation as to compact systems
Our CENTIMAR system is the perfect surveillance system for the observation and surveillance in platforms where compact and light systems are required.

It is a stabilized multisensor system for day and night vision since the image produced is clear even in the darkest nights. CENTIMAR makes possible to see through fog, smoke and any other weather condition.

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Centimar equiment is an electro-optical system equipped with a cooled infrared camera MWIR (CASTOR MR) and a visible camera, both with continuous zoom, laser rangefinder (optional) and laser pointer (optional)

General Characteristics:

  • Two axis stabilization
  • Automatic tracking system for maritime, aerial and ground targets
  • Automatic exploration of previously defined areas
  • Electronic stabilization (optional)
  • Video recording in digital format
  • Ability to connect up to two operator controls, through a local control or an external system

Main advantages

  • Can be integrated with other navigation and surveillance systems.
  • Modular concept that makes it easy to install with no need of specific tools
  • It is a cost-effective choice for maritime platforms like patrol boats, coast and river surveillance boats, etc., as well as surveillance vehicles and fixed stations.