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Our systems guarantee the observation and surveillance in any environment
Our CENTINELA system is a mobile observation and surveillance system that can be used in any tactical environment, for the quick deployment units that need high portability in order to adapt to the needs of each moment and adverse condition.

It is made up by a system of electric-optical sensors that include a thermographic camera (Castor HR), a day camera and a laser rangefinder (Laser Range Finder); all these are put together in a robust and solid box that has cooling elements.

All the system is placed on a two shaft movement platform; this ensemble can be installed on a tripod or on the built-in pole of a vehicle. This unit allows the aiming of the sensors to the interest area and has a system that makes it spin around continuously.

parallax layer
Tecnobit is the only Spanish enterprise that can entirely design, develop, make and maintain the high quality thermographic cameras like CENTINELA.
It is controlled by an operation console that has a portable ruggedized PC, where the image of the active sensor and the state of the system data are presented. Besides, it can record and reproduce the images of both sensors along with all the symbols and shown data on the screen.

Thanks to the adaptable use of different sensors, several configurations can be used, depending on the operational need of the mission.