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Secure Mobile Terminal for Defense

The most secure mobile terminal in the world developed entirely in Tecnobit
TMSDEF (Secure Mobile Terminal for Defense) is a system for secure mobile communications that not only allows for completely secure conversations but it also makes possible Navigate the Internet and use other mobile applications.

It is installed over the SCIP security protocol (Secure Communication Interoperability Protocol) and it offers end-to-end security. The system security classification level reaches the LIMITED DIFFUSION that corresponds to NATO RESTRICTED. That is how all the communication to and from the device goes encrypted in a VPN tunnel. In this way, it is possible to encapsulate, in the public IP, a private IP which hides the traffic of the secured services to anyone in the open space (Internet)

parallax layer

Our mobile terminal TMSDEF guarantees entirely security in communications; at present, it is used by the 100 principal officers of the Spanish Army.

Currently, it is the only terminal to have the security seal of the National Encoding Center, that belongs to the National Intelligence Center (CNI), and the NATO and the EU certificate; so we can guarantee that, presently, it is the most secure mobile terminal in the world.


National leaders in security solutions:

SCIP is an international standard for voice communication and secure data, approved by NATO; it offers:

  • Interoperability with other systems.
  • Independence from the Access network.
  • End-to-end encoding, to a user terminal level.
  • One key session.
  • Authentication through X.509 certificates.