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Terminal for civil use TMSTEC

We offer our most advanced solution in business communications
Currently, the mobile terminals are one of the main communication means that exist, so the need to protect communications became a priority question in our society.

That is why in Tecnobit, we have chosen to develop a new mobile phone, the TMS-TEC (Secure Mobile Terminal of Tecnobit), based on the same functionality as in the TMS-DEF, but only for civil use.

parallax layer

The most secure mobile terminal in the world, entirely developed by Tecnobit, now also available for civil use

The TMSTEC is a secure mobile communications system for data networks and mobile devices that implements its own security protocol, which is the same as the level of protection of the military standards published by the NATO. TMSTEC offer end-to-end security; the information remains encrypted encoded from the transmitter to the receiver, regardless of the design or features of the used communication network.

The TMSTEC system has been developed starting from the TMSDEF system, whose system security classified level reaches the LIMITED DIFFUSION, that corresponds to NATO RESTRICTED (http://www.ia.nato.int/niapc/Product/TMSDEF_435)

Iis main characteristics within the security protocol are:

  • Independence of the access network.
  • End-to-end encoding, to a user terminal level.
  • One key session.
  • Authentication through X.509 certificates