Customer Service and Management Centers

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We bring services 24/7, multilingual and multichannel, in order to achieve our clients’ objectives

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  • We adapt our service to the requested schedule: Flexibility and unique personalization in each service. We bring services 24 x 7, multilingual and multichannel.
  • We offer quality from the moment we answer the phone, taking care of all the details that make the difference.
  • We establish proceedings that guarantee our knowledge and in-depth processes for the best results.
  • We guarantee the resolution of all the enquiries: there are No problems, only solutions and in the least response time.

parallax layer

We are responsible for the management so that the client could focus his efforts on improving his business.

Finances Services

We answer to the thousands of clients’ questions on private banking and personal banking from reference entities, helping the daily life of their clients.

Citizen Service

We answer the phone to help the citizens and Society in different assistance and information services. We get a more accessible Administration, closer, more real, faster and more transparent …


We help thousands of people that bring up questions and need support, through Single-Window services in order to solve easily any procedure, complaint or claim.