Salary management, Human Resources and flexible payment

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We make possible the reduction of the costs to a 20%, promoting loyalty among the personnel and speeding up the heavy administrative procedures.

Processing and Salary management

  • Processing and Salary Management.
  • Management of Temporary Invalidity reports and Accidents at Work
  • Information to the employee/Autoservice.
  • Management of contracts/postponements.
  • Management of Advances, loans and seizures.
  • Accountings integration.

Introduction of processes in Human Resources.

  • By managing absences, registrations and personnel control.
  • Defining balanced scorecards.
  • Designing organization charts of the Enterprise.

Management of the Flexible Payment Plan

optimiza_flex_previewBPO puts at its clients’ disposal OPTIMIZAT-FLEX, a unique product that can establish easily a Flexible Payment Plan. No problems: only solutions.