Sectoral Processes Management

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We offer a greater control in all the processes of Aid Management and Grants.

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Every client is unique so it is every service; that is why our expert consultants analyze each project so that we can get:

  • More control of the processes by establishing measures and agreements in the service levels
  • Continuous improvement and automation of processes
  • Efficiency in the cost that is transmitted to the clients

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Oesia Group makes possible an efficient and effective management of the Administrative Back Office, establishing management methods that have been successfully tested in different sectoral processes:


Telco and Utilities

After sales services, contracts, debt payment and technical assistances.


Industry and Transport

Logistics, invoicing, loyalty.


Finances and Insurances

Recruitment, Portfolio, Benefits, Assets operations, methods of payment, mortgages management …


Public Administration and Health

Aids and grants, information services, customer service, appointment services, digitalization of medical records …

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BPO has considerable experience in Aid Management and Grant Services, during the whole life cicle, and especially in the processing and assessing of requests, as in technical and financial audits of the awarded projects for these requests:

  • Customization for each organization
  • High knowledge about the current regulations of the RRHH assigned to the projects
  • Optimization and improvement processes are provided, therefore, an important cost saving is reached, extending to Pay-For-Use models.