Documentary management

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Our service reduces the usual due date of digitalization

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It is not a coincidence that the big finance groups, hospitals and institutions of the Public Administration are our clients. They have entrusted BPO with the treatment of their documentary management for very obvious reasons:

  • We have Excellence Centers with the best professionals.
  • We reduce the manual operations choosing the cutting-edge technology to save time and money.
  • We reach a productivity of more than 200.000 digitalized documents per day.
  • We create our databases that can save, index and extract information easily, automating all the processes.
  • We establish severe Quality controls: from the reception of the documents until the certified destruction of any documentation.
  • We manage completely the Correspondence: printing, packaging and delivery to the distributors, avoiding in this way, unnecessary investments and expenses.
  • We have a large experience in taxes printing.