Tax and Fraud Management

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Our solutions on taxes are used in the central administration and in the autonomous and local ones

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Oesia Group works in projects of Tax Management and Fraud Detection since the nineties. Our services aim to give an efficient, implicated and decisive service, in order to obtain different benefits for the Administration:

  • The establishment of preventive policies by the creation of a dissuasive environment for fraud
  • The improvement of the tax income thanks to the reduction of fraud
  • The optimization of the internal processes and the dialogue and communication among different administrations
  • The easy integration with back office processes, regardless of each administration’s platform

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Functional Knowledge regarding autonomous and local taxes
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Oesia Group has a stable senior team with a great functional knowledge as to fraud management at Autonomous and Local level, adapting the service to the circumstances of each territory.

The complete solution that we offer, covers the following action fields:

  • Crossing information that comes from external and internal sources (AEAT-Tax Agency, D.G.C-Office of Cadaster, C.G.N.-General Accountant of the Nation, etc.).
  • Inspection and check processes: tax declarations and reverse charge procedures versus information that comes from other sources
  • Inspection and penalising procedure
  • Control panels

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We are fighting against tax fraud for Society’s sake

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Oesia follows a strategy of Continuous Improvement of processes, based on the increase of functional knowledge acquired in the different autonomous communities and cities, and the adaptation of new technologies (Big Data, cybersecurity…) to our services:

  • Functional and technological consultancy, before the service, by a professional team with more than 20 years’ experience. It guarantees the understanding of the specific requirements of each administration and the compliance of the expected level of service
  • Establishment of inter-service synergies that favor the optimization of costs
  • Standardization of the common “business rules” between Autonomous Communities and Cities

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