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Testing and Maintenance Systems Perseo

We develop tools to support the life cycle of our products
Tecnobit has the ability and experience to design automatic test benches for electro-optical systems. We have developed test banks both for internal use and for external clients, always aiming to offer the best products to our clients.

  • AGE-RADAR (ON A/C RADAR TEST SET): Supporting ground equipment (Aerospace Ground Equipment) to perform functional tests of the Eurofighter’s RADAR in flight line (ML1). This test bench aims to test the integrity of the RADAR’s transmission signal, by measuring some characteristic parameters (RF Power, Frequency, Duty cycle, Pulse spacing, Pulse width, PRF, PRI, etc.). Besides, it counts on protection measures that make the operator’s work totally safe.
  • PERSEO ON A/C (ON A/C Automatic Test Station For FLIR):Assistance Ground Equipment (AGE) to carry out tests for the Eurofighter’s FLIR, in flight line (ML1). In order to make easier its deployment, it is based on a portable and modular architecture. Apart from offering a type of GO/NO-GO diagnosis on the FLIR’s state, it can make additional optical tests to increase the test coverage.
  • PERSEO OFF A/C (OFF A/C Automatic Test Station For FLIR): Automatic Test Station to check the FLIR sensor of the Eurofighter in ML2 (intermediate level of maintenance), that is able to isolate errors as replaceable unit (SRU). Besides, it has some functions to support the repair and maintenance tasks, as well as the software loading of the equipment. Although its purpose is to test the FLIR of the Eurofighter, it has an easily adaptable design to test any other optronic system.
  • CENTINELA-ATE (Centinela Automatic Test Equipment): Test bench designed to check the functioning of the electro-optical system Centinela in all the levels (electronic cards, modules, wiring and system). It as an automatic bank of tests whose mission is to support the production phase as well as the repair and maintenance of the system. It has sophisticated tools (Hardware and Software) that can carry out functional tests, sensor alignment test or calibration procedures. As part of the tests system, it has also been developed a bank that makes possible for the client to carry out tests so as to detect early errors in the production of its systems (named Centinela-ESS).