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AMS (Audio Management System)

We provide the AMS since 2005 for the aircraft A400M of the Airbus Defense and Space.
Tecnobit, that belongs to Oesia Group,has stood out, since the beginning, for its reliability and precision in the development of audio management systems for the aeronautic field.

In 2005, after a very difficult selection process, we were chosen as providers of the AMS (Audio Management System) for the aircraft A400M of the Airbus Defense and Space.

Our Audio Management System – AMS is an audio management platform for aircrafts, used to separate the so called “clear audio” (for unclassified audio communications) and the “secure audio” (classified audio communications). All the interfaces of our system are made by optical fiber, that minimizes the crosstalk among audio channels (crosstalk, EMI/EMC) and the compromised transmissions (TEMPEST).

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All the Airbus A400M made until now include an Audio System developed by Tecnobit.

The structure of the AMS include the following equipment, developed by Tecnobit:

  • ACP (Audio Control Pannel): HMI interface to adjust the volume of the audio receivers and select the transmissions.
  • AEU T1 (Audio UnitType 1): Connection for headphones and microphones.
  • AEU T2 (Audio UnitType 2): Management of V/UHF radios, in clear and secure audio mode.
  • EAMU (Emergency Audio Management Unit): Audio management for emergency mode communications.
  • AMU (Audio Management Unit): Audio management for normal mode communications.

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Our audio management system allows a simultaneous and efficient management of the communication in aeronautic platforms