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Productos de ingeniería

Built to print

We adapt our production to the needs and specific requirements of each project
TECNOBIT has a wide experience in Built to Print projects where we adapt our production to the needs and specific requirements of the client. The following are some of the Built to Print products we are working in.


Sensor Operator Console and Mission Equipment Rack (Lockheed Martin)

Tecnobit makes for Lockheed Martin the equipment Sensor Operator Console and Mission Equipment Rack, installed in the Helicopters MH-60R.

The production of these Racks includes mechanical assembly, making and wiring tests, wiring integration and system tests.

Tecnobit started to work with Lockheed Martin in 2003, and in 2009 received the “STAR SUPPLIER AWARD”. Currently, the client metrics reflect 100% quality and deliveries and we are at the Second better scored place a ssuppliers of the MH-60R program.

TORPEDO S-80 (Atlas Elektronik)

TECNOBIT has been awarded the production of all the electronic part of the torpedoes DM2 A4 that will equip the new submarines S-80 of the Spanish Army. It is an offset cooperation project between TECNOBIT and the German enterprise ATLAS ELEKTRONIK.

As part of the offset project, several activities have been developed:

  • Manufacturing of the electronic cards: 40 sets of PCBs and Motherboards.
  • Design, development and making of test adaptors for the cards’ test.
  • Wiring supply for the internal interconnection of the Torpedo DM2 A4.
  • Supply of structural mechanical parts.

DisplaysEF-18 (Kaiser Electronics)

These aeronautical displays or screens show information of the different sensors and equipment to the pilot, for navigation and tactical data.

Production of 80 Displays MUFC (Multifunction Up Front Control) and 81 Displays MHSD (Multifunction Horizontal Situation Display) for the updating of the aircraft EF-18 of the Air Force.

Missile System SPIKE MR/LR (Santa Barbara Systems)

Supply of the Missile SPIKE LR for the anti-tank Missiles Program of the Army, with final integration and missile seeker tests and with the supply of the Firing Post, composed by the Control Launch Unit (CLU), Thermal Camera and Day Camera.