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CRETA (LINK 11 Controller)

Our excellence in tactical communication at the service of the Aeronautics.
The System CRETA is a controller of Tactical Networks for the link of an air platform, as the P3B aircrafts of maritime patrol, or a maritime platform, with a Link-11 network, according to STANAG regulations 5511

The CRETA/ A can receive and process the tactical data of the Link-11 network, through UHF and HF radio channels, providing this information to the command and control system of the platform is integrated to.


Main Characteristics:

  • Provides NTDS interfaces (parallel) or ATDS (serial) with the encoder KG-40.
  • Integrates in the same equipment a DTS unit, the Link-11 modem that controls the communication protocol in the network and it supports Roll Call, Broadcast, Short Broadcast, Net Sync, Net Test modes.
  • It has an Ethernet unit as interface with an air or naval command and control system.
  • It can configure the transmission of the network parameters (DTS mode) and monitor its state.
  • It is composed by HW COTS elements and VxWorks RTOS and C++ developments.

All the components of the equipment are designed according to the most demanding quality regulations. It follows the regulations MIL-704-A, MIL-STD-810E, MIL-STD-461D and RTCA/DO-160C.