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Cockpit Displays

The Spanish Air Force has relied on Tecnobit to update the Spanish F-18s, with a new generation of aeronautical displays, which will help increase airspace safety.
The MHSD and the MUFC are the cockpit displays of the F18 designed for the mid-life update (MLU) of this aircraft, in order to increase its tactical capabilities.

Tecnobit, having the license of Kaiser Electronics (Rockwell Collins), made 82 pairs of displays for all the aircrafts fleet between the years 2005 and 2009.

These displays are qualified for the covering of this aircraft and incorporate LCD ruggedized screens, with light sources that make possible the vision even in extreme sunlight conditions in the cockpit, or during night vision, and they are compatible with the amplifying means used by the pilots.

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Thanks to its experience in other on board avionic equipment, Tecnobit has proved its ability to provide flexible solutions in this field with the less possible impact to its fleet as to costs an deployment.
Tecnobit, once finished the production of the MHSD and MUFC displays, has been responsible for their maintenance.

Due to the fact that the LCD screens become quickly obsolete, on the Air Force request, Tecnobit has made some modifications to the original design in order to guarantee the effectiveness of these equipment, essential for this aircraft of the Spanish Army.

The modification was a new generation LCD, with the necessary electronics adaptation and a LED backlight, keeping the same levels of ruggedization and usefulness in the required environmental conditions.