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We provide Thermal Cameras to the most important enterprises in this sector
We provide Thermographic Cameras to the most important enterprises of this Field.

Within the Litening POD program, we started a cooperation with the enterprise Rafael in order to make and maintain the Litening LDP (“Laser Designation Pods”) for the aircrafts F18 of the Air Force.

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Within this program TECNOBIT developed an infrared camera, FLAME-640 installed in the latest model Litening POD; this was a very important technological advance since the previous model, FLAME-320, was updated.
The success of this cooperation made us the preferred suppliers to carry out the integration of the systems sold in other countries to the Litening POD and the TOPLITE as well as the PODs Litening for the aircraft JAS 39 GRIPEN and the Toplite of the US NAVY.

At present, TECNOBIT produces thermal cameras for the TOPLITE and is in charge of the maintenance of the equipment sold to the Spanish Navy for the Typhoon MK-38 weapon system.