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GLU (Ground and Data Loading Unit)

Data Loading Unit qualified for operating in ON Aircraft EL GLU
(Ground and Data Loading Unit) is a portable ruggedized computer based on COTS Technology, designed and qualified under the most severe military conditions (it has the qualifications of the equipment loaded on aircraft. It is based on a modular design and passive technology for the motherboard that makes easier an efficient maintenance and the possibility to increase its capacity.

It can communicate with a wide range of new electronic equipment thanks to a big amount of interfaces of input/output like STANAG 3910 (EFABUS) or MIL-STD-1553 (STANAG 3838).

The unit resists at the electromagnetic radiations and extreme weather conditions (Watertight grade is equivalent to IP66) since it is completely sealed. That is why it is operating outside without interferences of other equipment.

The highest range of temperature is obtained by controlling the inside temperature in order to keep it in the limits of the COTS elements. Operating at -40ºC is achieved thanks to inside heating system and to fans that set the temperature of the interior COTS units before turning on the equipment. Operating at +50ºC is achieved thanks to a very efficient cooling system that combines the sealing of the unit with the high temperatures reached when exposed to sun radiation.

The unit has been proved under explosive environment conditions. The area of explosive atmosphere the unit is qualified for, is classified as zone 1 according to BS5345.

The GLU can be used placed over its own operation box for standing operations. In these conditions it fulfills the MIL-STD-1472.