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LEDA-S275HR Remote Weapon Systems sight

LEDA-S275HR Remote Weapon Systems sight

With more than 25 years of experience developing and manufacturing some of the most advanced optronic systems for the defence market, Tecnobit now offers powerful remote weapon sights.

The new multi-sensor LEDA-S275HR includes a cooled MWIR thermal camera, a HD daylight camera with NIR mode and a high pulse repetition rate LRF.


  • The MWIR thermal camera uses the most advanced image processing algorithms and a fast cooling 640 x 512 InSb detector to provide outstanding image quality un total darkness.
  • The two field of view optics provide a 12º WFOV for excellent target acquisition with a switch to a 2º NFOV within 0.7 seconds with perfect boresighting and focus for outstanding long range target identification.

Daylight CAMERA

  • The colour HD resolution daylight camera also includes a monochrome mode for better low light sensitivity an optical filters for anti haze.
  • The x20 continuous zoom optics provide up to a 40º WFOV for excellent situational awareness with perfect boresight retention down to a 2º NFOV.


  • The LEDA-S275HR is a complete Sensor Module providing state of the art, low latency digital video of targets by day or night with the ability to measure the range of fast moving targets.