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A housed variant of TECNOBITs new Taurus-Z500FHD dual mode Visible/NIR long range camera for Naval or Ground Mobile applications.

Dual mode Daylight CAMERA

  • Based on the latest generation of 3M pixel CMOS sensors and optics with excellent performance in both the visible and NIR wavebands.
  • x50 continuous zoom optics with <3 second zoom from 36º to 0.75º Horizontal FOV.
  • Constant boresight and focus through zoom.
  • Dual Visible / NIR modes

Camera housing

  • Qualified for both Ground Mobile and Maritime standards and available with or without wiper.
  • Video available in Analogue (PAL/NTSC) or Digital (SD/HD-SDI or Giga Ethernet).
  • Common interface to other LEDA thermal, visible and multi-sensor cameras.
  • Internal heaters for de-icing in extreme conditions
  • Multiple options for mounting points.