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MIC (MIDS Interface Computer)

We provide our tactical solution to the modern A 400M technology, the excellence in military transport.
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This equipment is a clear example of TECNOBIT capability to adapt to customer needs, considering that we have adapted our naval tactical link solution to the exacting aeronautical requirements.

MIC equipment represents an evolution of the Tactical Data Link equipment of Tecnobit for its use in AIRBUS A400M and AIRBUS A330-200 MRTT aircrafts.

This is a lightweight and high processing capacity equipment designed to manage all the Link 16 information received from MIDS (Multifunctional Information Distribution System) for further communication with the mission computer on board.

MIC equipment includes many other functionalities to communicate with the processing systems on board the aircraft. These features cover ARINC 429 communications, L-band suppression signal adaptation, indication of IFF/TCAS transmission, MIDS-LVT PPS signal adaptation as well as the internal BIT capability.

Its general purpose architecture and the wide range of external interfaces makes MIC unit ideal not only for the applications described above, but for a large variety of general processing applications.

All our equipment is designed regarding the most exacting quality standards. In the case of MIC, the whole hardware is designed following the RTCA-DO-254 standard, level C, and software is designed regarding the RTCA-DO-178 standard, level D. Besides, it is TEMPEST qualified following the AMSG 784B volume 1 and it complies with SEU/MBU. MIC equipment is also environmental qualified regarding the RTCA-DO-160D standard.