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SIMAF (Simulator of Fire Support)

We are undisputable pioneers in simulation technology in the Latin America market
The most advanced technology in the field of military simulation makes possible for the Brazilian Army to step forward to the training of its forces and lead the way worldwide.

The Fire Support Simulator is one of the most significant technical achievements of the Brazilian Army nowadays, since it is one of the most ambitious and complete Simulation Centers in the defense market, and indisputable pioneer in Latin America.

The SIMAF is based on the Camp Artillery Simulator (SIMACA) that is operational in the Artillery Academy of Segovia; SIMACA supposed a revolution in simulation, since it was a very advanced training system, operational in any weather and geographic condition and reducing significantly the environmental impact of the artillery training. Thanks to its reduced operation cost, SIMACA allowed a quick amortization.

The Simulator of fire Support (SIMAF) is designed for a joint and modular training of all the members of a Camp Artillery Group, Forward Observer (FO), Fire Direction Centers (FDC), Top Brass, Fire Support Element (FSE) and Pieces Lines from a triple perspective: instruction, training and doctrine.