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TRITAN Systems

We design national solutions for Fight Systems.
In TECNOBIT we offer a development line of national solutions within the fight systems area, using avant-garde technologies starting from a common core that allows for a progressive growth of the systems, thanks to the gradual incorporation of the different sensors and weapons, according to the operational, technical and economic requirements of the client.

We have the necessary equipment, software and engineering ability so as to offer complete solutions in this field, like some of the developed systems among which stand out:

TRITAN-IV and TRITAN-V They are two groups of fight systems that are installed and operational in several ships of the Spanish Navy.

TRITAN-V is installed in the ships LPD´s Galicia and Castilla and it is based on the TRITAN-IV concept but it is technologically updated
El TRITAN-IV is installed in the corvettes Descubierta, Cazadora, Vencedora, Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina.

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