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Productos de ingeniería


The new compact and light weight dual Visible / NIR mode camera for long range surveillance applications in harsh conditions.

Uncooled LWIR engines

  • Available with VOx or ASi technology detectors of 640 or 1024 pixel resolution with 1280 coming soon.
  • Full suite of advanced image processing algorithms.
  • Digital video available in SDI or Giga Ethernet format with Video compression.
  • Include camera link interface to daylight camera to allow for image fusion and/or transmission of both channel on single Giga Ethernet channel or on second SDI output.
  • Completely ITAR Free.

Cooled MWIR engines

  • Integrated with many common MWIR detectors including Sparrow, Pelican, Blackbird, Scorpio, Daphnis and Superhawk
  • Full suite of advanced image processing algorithms.
  • Drive electronics for either switched or continuous zoom optics.
  • Video outputs include camera link, SDI, Giga Ethernet or Analogue.
  • Control via RS422 or Ethernet.
  • Completely ITAR Free.