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Congnitive Software Radio SDR 100% Spanish to achieve operational superiority in tactical communications.
Tecnobit – Grupo Oesía is the Spanish leader with a long tradition in Tactical Communications and Secure Communications. Now, Tecnobit is ready to give the next step in the evolution of its portfolio by designing and manufacturing radio communication tactical systems based on state-of-the-art Software Defined Radio (SDR).

The company’s factory in Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real – Spain) will house a Radio Production Center, with the aim of contributing to national sovereignty in essential security systems in Tactical Communications.

The name of the SRD radio developed by Tecnobit – Grupo Oesía is TGOR, a software-defined radio, which is the product of the evolution of its Tactical Communications area, which has already completed more than 40 years of innovation in the service of security and defense of Spain.

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This new product is equipped with the most advanced communications technology, taking into account that future conflicts will be won in a new scenario: the electromagnetic spectrum and cyberspace.
TGOR is the SDR radio certified according to SCA 2.2.2, secure (TRANSEC and COMSEC), ultra-broadband with high capacity for voice, data and video transmission in motion (MANET – Mobile ad hoc Network), for land, air and naval applications, based on IP technology and with the capacity to exploit all available bandwidth at all times (COGNITIVE SDR and with MCR Multifrequency Channel Reception).

TGOR include Key technical features, such as:

  • ACP (Audio Control Pannel): HMI interface for volume adjustment of audio receivers and transmission selection.
  • AEU T1 (Audio UnitType 1): Connection for headphones and microphones.
  • AEU T2 (Audio UnitType 2): V / UHF radio management, in clear and secure audio mode.
  • EAMU (Emergency Audio Management Unit): Audio management for emergency mode communications.
  • AMU (Audio Management Unit): Audio management for communications in normal mode

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SDR TGOR is available in Hand – Held, Manpack, Vehicular and Airborne models.
Besides, to guarantee national sovereignty in tactical communications, TGOR will be manufactured and supported in Spain, with a positive impact on employment and technological development.