Productos TIC / Transparencia

Productos TIC

Transparency and citizen participation

The Administration was never so close to the citizen
The Administration gets clearly and transparently closer to the citizen thanks to technological mechanisms that guarantee a transparent, accessible and quality information.

Oesia Group bets on a transparent management of the public institutions. The citizen is and wants to be the protagonist, the person whom the public action aims to; that is why the Administrations have to and want to share with him the information clearly and truly.

Oesia Group has an experienced line of consultancy as to Transparency in order to support the public entities, when they apply the social policy and initiatives and cooperate in the establishment of transparency and participation policies appropriate for what requested by the Law: from legal advice to installation of transparency websites (where it can be shown what requested by the law and, at the same time, it allows for the citizen to ask for whatever he wants to know and does not appear in the website, getting the answer in a due time).

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In Oesia Group we are consultants as to transparency in Public Administrations, by involving the citizens in the public management.

Keys of success of a citizen friendly website:

  • Include useful, accessible and comprehensible information, in a way that can be understood by everyone.
  • Easy to update, friendly and intuitive.

We count on organizations like Transparency International in order to respond with effectiveness and efficiency to the requests of Institutional Transparency, and we cooperate with the Administrations so as to fulfill the legal requirements and innovate in Administration