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Gacela Suite

Technology Application installed in more than 100 hospitals and used by more than 50.000 professionals.
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This system of Nursing Methodology developed by Oesia Group, “Gacela Suite” allows the effective application of new technologies in thousands of hospitals, making easier the work for the professionals of the Health sector and the care of millions of patients.

We are present widely, nationally and internationally, since Gacela Suite is installed in more than 100 Hospitals and more than 50.000 professionals are using it.

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Gacela Suite is formed by different units:


Gacela Care

The Hospitals endorse our information system

Gacela Care is adaptable to different categories of patients and allows the creation of personalized care plans or/and standard plans for each patient. It shows a beds map “user friendly”, generates work agendas and provides an interactive alarm system.

Gacela can be integrated in the information systems used in the center (Banco de Sangre-Blood Bank, farmacia-pharmacy, dietética-dietetics, admisiones-admission, etc.) and in the medical devices. It also allows the display and use of all the information processed by the system, guaranteeing the observance of the PDOL.


Day Hospital

The Gacela Suite modality that is the most expanded among our users

The Day Hospitalization as an assistance modality had a noteworthy development during the last years, increasing significantly the effectiveness in patients’ assistance and avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions.



Gacela Universities

We take care of the training of those who will take care of us in the future.

It offers a personalized assistance thanks to a comprehensive approach, in line with the main teaching methods, at present, and adaptable to the learning based on problems.