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The best tool for a better administrative management of the cities.
Grupo Oesía is a benchmark in the industry, thanks to the development of its products and services since the year 1996. Within its broad applications portfolio, Interpública tool stands out. This is a vertical suite of products for municipal management which is in successful operation since its creation in 2006. This is a technological platform which includes the product, the services derived from it and phone support.

Interpública manages the daily tasks of the local entities, making easier:

  • Advice, Consultancy and Assistance for Local Administration
  • Application training for both, groups and individual
  • Support in the start-up for applications
  • Financial service automation (tax management, population, inventory,…)

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Our solution counts on a wide offer of applications designed for helping to the local administration and covering its needs.
Nowadays, more than 1200 local governments and another local entities benefit from the performance of Interpública. We focus on the localities in the provinces of Burgos, Zaragoza, Teruel, Huesca or Cantabria, among others.

Within the scope of Interpública, it should be noted the importance of our application for the financial efficient management. This service is perfectly adapted to customer needs. It also provides a simple use mode and it is easily integrable in any platform. In this context, our company started a project, during last year, with the new version of Interpública for a better adaptation to the new financial plan. In this way, we included new ways for linking the assets, one of our priorities in this field.