High performance products for Smart Vision applications: generation, exploitation and representation of high quality images for aeronautic, naval and land platforms.


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Image Intelligence

Smart Displays

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In the missions of the 21st century, it is necessary to have superiority in the Electromagnetic Spectrum and guarantee the security of communications to achieve superiority of information on the battlefield. The adversaries with their EW means in the communications band (COMINT, C-ESM and C-ECM) will try to obtain information through the monitoring of the communications of our forces, using COMINT-DF and C-ESM systems. They will also try to interrupt our communications through disruption and / or deception, making use of C-ECM systems.
Our tactical communications systems ensure the survivality and security of communications in hostile environments (A2 / AD) and with electronic warfare activity in the communications bands.

Multi tactical data links

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Cyberdefense & Cipher

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LVC integration: Tecnobit designs Live, Virtual, and Constructive simulation systems, and performs the integration among them.

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Demonstrated know-how, expertise and successful track record in Military Avionics to give fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft a decisive advantage in challenging environments and respond to the new scenarios faced by 21st century military pilots. Our avionics products are currently deployed and combat proven on aircraft such as Eurofighter, A400M, A330 MRTT, EF-18, P-3 Orion, C295, CN235, MH-60R, etc. Likewise, we will be present in next generation aircraft and RPAS such as FCAS, EuroMALE, etc.


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UAV Navigation

More than 45 years of In-Service Support experience, ensuring the life cycle of our own products as well as third-party services, providing the development process and the systems design on avionics, optronics, smart displays, cryptography, simulation and tactical communications.

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