Robotic Process Automation

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Experts in development, deployment and management of robotic automation solutions to improve business processes, save time and improve experiences for clients and users.
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Oesía has a qualified team focused on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) projects and services. The company has consolidated these capabilities from a base of years of experience in software development with agile methodologies, IT services managed under international standards, process consulting and a multitude of digital transformation projects.

There are multiple benefits to RPA projects, from direct cost saving to error reduction, on top of reduction in compliance risk in many processes.

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Oesía offers multiple ways to deploy its capabilities to customize the way it helps each client.
Oesía focused RPA mainly on user/desktop level automation, and automation for customer service or contact centers. The company works through three main lines of service:

  1. Consulting and development: an end to end service that allows a client to hire Oesía to perform not only the consulting and analysis, but also the subsequent development of each robot, always based on a ROI analysis and viability of each automation.
  2. Support and maintenance: assurance of the future productivity of developed robots, adapting them to changes to systems and processes.
  3. RPAaaS: Oesía provides its own infrastructures from its robot factory for the execution of existing robots. This allows any client to avoid large up front investment and recurring licensing costs.

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References and success stories

Oesía has worked with a Telecom leader to automate its finance and point of sale management processes.

In 8 weeks 5 robots were created that represented 1 FTE. In the future, this automation project has projected that enough robots will be developed to cover 20% of the FTE’s currently performing related tasks. Each robot is sustainable based on it’s own ROI calculations, but taken together they all represent a great efficiency mechanism and even help to improve service in some cases.

For an important client in the Services sector, Oesía has applied RPA to speed up and reduce the cost of generating business reports, improving the level of information available to upper management.

With a total of 4 robots created in 6 weeks, a saving of 20% of existing FTE capacity was obtained. The robots work with CRM, SAP, ERP and data base systems.

Our partnerships:

Oesía is a national partner of Jacada


Oesía is a Gold Business Partner with UIPath