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A leader application in the management of the Payment Plans.


TheOESIA GROUP through its services, Outsourcing salaries management, human resources and flexible payment, , offers the most complete and specialized choice for the provision of Outsourcing of human Resources services: optimizaT Flex

Optimiza is more than a flexible payment plan (FPP) since it makes accessible to the enterprises a more efficient way of payment without any additional salary expenses.

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The benefits are clear:

  • Allows an easy access and navigation for the simulation and the procedure of the FPP
  • Speeds up all the processes and operations of the plan with the products and the providers
  • It is personalized for each enterprise and any different operation

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The numbers endorse OPTIMIZAT-FLEX as a leader solution in the market, more than:


The available products for a Flexible Payment Plan are:

These health insurances may cover the employee, and are extendable to its spouse and descendants, being the enterprise the policy holder.

The health insurance may cover the possible disease expenses, the medical and surgical assistance for any kind of disease or injury, only if they are included in the type of health insurance agreed with the insurance company. Through this Flexible Payment Plan, the first annual 500€ for each one of the persons included in the policy, are exempt of payment.

Food voucher so that the employees can have lunch in certain establishments using one of the available forms (vouchers or cards). All the employees that have split shifts have access to them, during working days and only if they do not receive subsistence allowance.

The maximum amount that is exempt of taxation as PIT through a Flexible Payment Plan, is of 11 euros/per diem. The following requirements are to be considered:

  • The vouchers have a number and a name and are not transferable.
  • When they are delivered on paper, the nominal amount must be clear.
  • The enterprise must have a number record of the delivered vouchers
System of vouchers to pay the nursery schools that are members of the provider network. It is exempt of tax through a Flexible Payment Plan, the first course of the pre-school education of the employee’s children (0 to 3 years old), only if the policy is hired by the enterprise with properly authorized mediators.

The payment of the nursery schools is like the food vouchers, and is possible to use anyone of the available forms (vouchers or electronic payment).

Payment system using the card, by which is possible to buy passes for the subway, LRT, commuter train, tramway, bus, etc. …

It is exempt of tax through a Flexible Payment Plan the amount of 1.500€ annually or 136,36€ per month, during 11 months.

In order to use this product in the Flexible Payment Plan, the enterprise must have a contract with the provider of services, offering subsequently to the employee the cession of private and professional use of a vehicle.

This product is not 100% exempt; you must calculate the taxation according to the market value of the vehicle based on its exclusive use.

It aims to the updating, training or recycling of the employees when it is required for the development of their activity or the characteristics of their job. This training must be funded entirely by the Enterprise.

The training courses can be done only by the members of the Flexible Payment Plan.

If the employee takes the initiative to receive the training, this does not change the tax treatment.

Through the Flexible Payment Plan, the remittance to the savings insurance the employee can receive part of its payments in the future, differing the taxation until the retirement moment.

This insurance covers the retirement situations, death, disability, serious disease and long term unemployment.

Through the Flexible Payment Plan the enterprise offers to its employees the possibility to buy shares or stocks in the social capital of the enterprise.

It is exempt of taxation the delivery to the working employees, for free or for a lower price than the normal in the market, of shares or stocks of the enterprise or other enterprises that belong to the group of companies. This delivery should not exceed, for the total amount given to each employee, the amount of 12.000€ per year, according to the conditions that are regularly established.

The Requirements that have to do with these shares are:

  • That the employee together with relatives, should not have more than the 5% of shares in the company.
  • That the shares must be hold by the employee during a minimum due time.


If you want more information about the application Optimiza, please, contact the Group Oesia, phone number: 913 098 600, extension 22521 or PBX: (571) 530-0770.