Mental or real barriers to cloud adoption

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The past Cloud migration projects in the past decade raised certain doubts for IT managers, which were usually justified by the following patterns Lack of maturity of the technology provided by public cloud service platforms. Loss of control of IT infrastructure and systems Low specialization of technical staff in cloud technology knowledge and procedures. Infrastructure […]


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cloud Migrations Cloud Migrations and refactoring of systems to the cloud Design of arrival architectures for current IT loads Migrations Lift&Shift on public IaaS services Prescription and deployment of PaaS services according to maturity and opportunities in the adoption of cloud technologies Automation, infrastructure as code and monitoring of cloud environments Deployments cloud-native for new […]

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areas Cloud Cloud Take advantage of our experience and expertise in reliable and adaptable cloud technologies to meet your needs. Do you need a roadmap to move your systems to the cloud? We help you with the definition of your particular model to maximize the return in the medium and long term, and we accompany […]