Telecoms & High Tech

We support Telecommunications Operators in the definition and implementation of new value scenarios.

We work with the manufacturers of the components that allow the materialization of communications.

Juan Martinez

Managing Director

Juan Martínez - Managing Director

Strategic sector

The Telecommunications sector is a key player in the co-creation of the necessary structures of the Over The Top (OTT) and High Tech services ecosystem, providing the necessary connectivity in an efficient, secure and extensive manner.

We live in an industry historically marked by its great speed of change, a trend that has been further accelerated by heterogeneous and fierce competition and a pandemic that has changed everything. Operators have to be very agile, adapting to new preferences and context. Constant innovation is no longer an option. Like the rest of the industry, they are shifting their business models towards a digitalization of their products and services, adapting to the needs of increasingly demanding users.

Capabilities of Grupo Oesía

In order to respond to the new trends in the sector, at Grupo Oesía we add a much more sophisticated approach that looks directly to our customers to cover their new market needs.

We enhance the entire front-end layer of your Customer Experience and Digital Transformation. We incorporate new technological tools that allow you to improve your processes obtaining maximum efficiency in the projects. We speak of Hyper-automation, Process mining, Robotization or Artificial Intelligence, among others. On the more operational level, we continue to increase our solutions on CLOUD, CIBER and CIPHER with new competencies, enhancing Product and Service Development, in order to continue to be a referent in Business Support Systems (BSS), Operations Support Systems (OSS), Online Charging System (OCS) and Homologation & Certification.

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