Operator challenges


Telecoms & High-tech

A major challenge for the telecommunications sector is that it not only has to adapt to changes in an agile manner, but also and in parallel, it must continue to invest in growth areas, such as 5G, and, in turn, maintain the attraction and retention of talent, an indispensable element to be able to continue advancing in the digital race.

All this will make it possible to respond to new B2B and B2C businesses and use cases, such as Private Networks, IoT, Gaming, Entertainment, VR/AR, Metaverse, etc.

The new communications and offshoring needs, both at the corporate and household level, resulting from the pandemic caused by COVID-19, make the Telework a need that, among other things, enhances applications in the cloudthe development of new technologies infrastructure and communications and solutions for cybersecurity to protect this new paradigm.

Data and sustainability are becoming key drivers in the sector.

The proliferation of new professional services brings us closer to new data analytics tools that allow us to know the customer better, as well as to bring the computing capacity closer to the end user thanks to Edge Computing, offering new attractive and innovative services.
We must not overlook the growing regulatory trend towards sustainability and energy efficiency policies that respond to social demands. Operators and vendors are investing heavily to reduce their emissions and carbon footprint. From optimizing networks with a “green” approach to mitigating obsolescence of terminals and devices to reduce environmental impact