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Our Purpose

“Creating a better, more efficient, safer and sustainable world.”

rodrigo salas

Rodrigo de Salas

Director of Intangibles and

Corporate Identity

This Purpose serves as a guide to lay the foundation for our organizational strategy, priorities and opportunities.

Under a culture of responsibility and transparency, we assume the will of responsible and transforming innovation as an essential part of our business.

We reinforce our commitment to make Grupo Oesía a company where our children want to work.

A project of value for us, our customers and the world.

Our Mission

To be the technological partner of our customers, a provider of innovative solutions that, based on the talent of our team, always meets their expectations in terms of content, quality, time and cost.

Our Vision

To accompany our clients in their daily operations, as well as in the transformation processes of their businesses, meeting their expectations and providing value through technologically innovative solutions in the fields of digital and industrial engineering.

Our Values

  • Reliability: in Grupo Oesía we fulfill our commitments. What we say, we do.
  • Commitment: the people of Grupo Oesía give the best of ourselves in every action we undertake.
  • Excellence: what we do in Grupo Oesía reaches the highest quality in all its aspects.
  • Continuous learning : the people of Grupo Oesía and the organization that groups them, we have a constantly updated knowledge of our specialty.
  • Innovation: the products and services of Grupo Oesía are conceived to mark the last frontier of development in their respective sectors.

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