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Raúl Martín

Director of Public Administrations

and Digital Health

Good practice

The public governance has long faced a series of major challenges, compounded by a pandemic that has a constant impact on the public, employees and the economy.

Currently, the management of the European Funds key to undertake the necessary economic recovery, and digitalization, are undoubtedly two of the main challenges.

On the other hand, omnichannel and the unique and personalized experience focused on building a secure and efficient relationship between the citizen and the Administration, represents another must-have.

Our methodology

In Grupo Oesía we work with the General Administration of the State, Autonomous Communities, City Councils, Provincial Councils and all kinds of public institutions, helping them to adopt a leading role in transformation and digitalization processes.

The cloud, management of data managementartificial intelligence (AI), automation and cybersecurity, are mandatory practices and competencies in this process.

Interpublic Platform

Through our platform Interpública and Office 360 we accompany public entities and organizations to evolve their services and their relationship with citizens towards a more digitalized, efficient and transparent model. We add our technology, experience and knowledge to bring value and facilitate public management in three lines of action: Grants and Funds, Electronic Records and Municipal Management.

The options for responding to the needs and objectives of the Administration as a whole are very diverse and in a large number of cases depend on us, your technology and consulting services partners, being able to guarantee the security, efficiency and sustainability of the services.

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