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Consulting and PMO as a Service for the development and implementation of e-Government.


Axencia para la Modernización Tecnológica (AMTEGO), Junta de Galicia (Galician Regional Government)


Public Administrations

Capabilities used

Consulting, Technical Project Office.


The Regional Government of Galicia is embarked on an ambitious program of modernization of its public administration, for which it requires an expert provider to be responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of the digitization of electronic administration in the field of the Administration of Justice.


Grupo Oesía is committed to put at the client's disposal its wide knowledge and experience through a highly qualified team that allows the excellence in the provision of the required service.

We carry out the management, development and monitoring of Digital Transformation projects deployed in Galicia, in the field of Justice.


The services provided include the following:

  • Establishment of the evolution and scope framework, based on the strategic analysis of requirements and long-term objectives of the initiative.
  • Operational level services for the implementation of information systems linked to the judicial file and electronic judicial administration.
  • Administration and operation of the systems of the Administration of Justice.
  • Specialized support services in various areas, mainly definition of enterprise architectures, specialized regulations in the judicial or e-administration field, usability and ergonomics, and security.
  • Participation in the Security Plan: Protection of personal data, National Security Scheme.
  • Inter-administrative coordination: Coordination with other public administrations within the framework of the CTEAJE, Coordination of initiatives directly with the Ministry of Justice or other Autonomous Regions, Technical and functional working groups of the Administration of Justice in Galicia.
  • Monitoring and operation of systems, support of publications, other system administration tasks



The Regional Government of Galicia has successfully promoted the digital transformation of the administration of Justice in the Community, relying on the capabilities provided by Grupo Oesia both in the operational support to the projects and management areas involved and in the design and construction of the evolutionary model of the same.