Digital Health

Accelerating the digital transformation of health systems and services.

Yulisa Dominguez

Yulisa Dominguez

Head of Digital Health

Innovative technological solutions

At Grupo Oesía we accompany the leaders of public and private health to transform health systems and services, through innovative technological solutions that improve the quality and access to health care for millions of people.

In order to provide excellent healthcare services, we need a more innovative, personalized, predictive, preventive, participatory and more population-based healthcare system that is committed to comprehensive healthcare and in which the entire healthcare ecosystem participates.

Towards a more preventive medicine

We consider the person as the center of the healthcare ecosystem, we seek to understand what they need, how and which channel we should use to guarantee a better product or service. We hope to achieve better health outcomes and a more efficient use of resources.

We are moving towards a more preventive medicine that empowers people to take care of their health, adopting a healthy lifestyle, detecting diseases early and avoiding complications that affect their autonomy.

The interoperability of technological solutions is of vital importance to ensure this continuity of care and thus favor the standardization of data sharing and communication between all the determinants of people’s health.

An ally in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector

From Oesía Group we help the leaders of the health ecosystem to solve the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis, such as the aging population and chronicity, or the exponential increase in demand brought about by the irruption of the digital services and the telemedicine (wearables). We also accompany them in the use of artificial intelligence as an ally in clinical, educational, research and operational decision-making.

The implementation of the
fifth-generation (5G) mobile network will multiply
the capacity of the information superhighways and explode the IoTM (Internet of things in healthcare) and the current healthcare model.

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