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Implementation of an early warning system for the control of Covid-19.


Health of Castilla y León


Digital Health

Capabilities used

Early warning system and the Gazelle hospitalization module.


The challenge on the client's side was to design an early warning system with signs and symptoms of Covid-19 to detect the different levels of risk for Covid-19, establish the level of surveillance and activate the appropriate protocols.


Consolidation of clinical variables: temperature, oxygen saturation, cough, dyspnea and CRP.

Parameterization of alerts according to clinical protocols.

Continuous monitoring of clinical variables, identifying as a whole possible risks of complications in patients.

Activation of alerts according to patient status and corresponding action plans.

Design of a pilot test and final implementation of the solution.


Development and implementation of early warning system for patients with Covid-19.

Integration of the solution with medical devices to obtain data on the required clinical variables.


Timely detection of clinical emergencies, allowing the necessary protocols to be established in each situation.

Anticipation of complications derived from pathologies, with an exhaustive control of their evolution, in order to intervene appropriately in each case.

Identification of the risk of Covid-19 in hospitalized patients.


Covid-19 Early Warning System in the electronic record of hospitalized patients - Scielo

Personalized care for people affected by SARS-CoV-2. Integrated Care Process - Junta de Castilla y León