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Marta Fajardo

Director of Talent


Our cybersecurity specialists know more than the cyber attackers. They ensure the privacy and data protection of our customers and guarantee security at all times.

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Software Development

Our team of programmers, analysts and architects develop and implement digital solutions that help citizens in their daily lives. We operate in multiple sectors: banking, insurance, public administrations, large telco companies, defense...
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We offer cutting-edge dual-technology designs and developments and constantly innovate thanks to the talent of a powerful team of engineers. If HW, SW, ILS, Simulation, Mechanical or FW engineering is your thing and you are a strategist in the search for improvements...
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Infrastructure and Systems

Our specialists create, maintain and manage complex systems, both On Premise and Cloud, for a variety of public and private organizations. We are looking for candidates with leadership spirit and high problem solving skills.
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