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We create technology for the Future Digital Military Power in the framework of Multidomain Operations.

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Present and future systems

Our division Tecnobit-Oesia Group designs, produces and maintains the systems of the present and the future.

Many of our solutions have a dual use, and we export them to countries all over the world:

  • major Defense programs: EF, A400M, F 110, F100, S80, VCR 8×8, Hispasat
  • major European programs: FCAS, 4E, ECP, QKD
  • major European technology development programs: Geode, USSP.

New technological challenges

In the environment of future land, naval and aerospace power, there are many technological challenges:

Land, naval and aerospace operations will be part of joint operations, which requires integration between platforms operating in the different domains (land, naval, air, space, cyber and cognitive).

The combat environment will be hypersensitized so big data processing capability is required to provide operators (crews, pilots, fighters, units, command and control centers) with the best information at the right time.

Combat environments will be highly contested with access or area denial, which will require the ability to establish and maintain secure communications in the face of aggressive environments.

Ground, naval and aerospace platforms must be of very low radar observability in order to fulfill the mission and have a high probability of survival.

As a result of these challenges, the key technologies required for future advanced combat systems are as follows:

Multi-mission capability

Multi-mission capability of the weapon systems to be able to perform different missions simultaneously such as combat, force protection, electronic warfare, intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance.

Processing capacity

Enormous processing capacity of land, naval and aerospace platforms to become mobile data centers to operate in the combat cloud and as part of the tactical end of it with distributed processing capability (Edge computing), assuming command and control functions.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence applied to unmanned systems in support of manned platforms to enable effective interoperability between manned and unmanned systems.

Automatic capacity

The automatic capability of take-off, flight, navigation, mission execution, recovery and landing operations by means of powerful multifunctional guidance, navigation and control systems.

Digital engineering

Digital engineering for accelerated design and development of digital prototypes and predictive maintenance minimizing the operational unavailability of weapon systems.

Communality and modularity

Commonality and modularity of the different sensors, radar, optical and infrared, for rapid adaptation to the platform’s mission and to provide a high degree of situational awareness.





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Family of SATCOM On The Move (SOTM) terminals for vehicular installation and stable mobile connection

SGoSat is a family of high-tech SOTM (Satellite Comms On The Move) terminals that are installed in a vehicle, providing the ability to target and maintain a stable connection to the satellite when the vehicle is in motion in any type of conditions.

The SGoSat family is composed of versatile terminals, which can be installed on any type of platform: trains and buses, military and/or government vehicles, aircraft, ships, etc. Originally designed for the military sector, SGoSat terminals are extremely reliable and robust, integrating high-performance components that comply with the most stringent environmental and EMI/EMC regulations. The product uses low-profile, high-efficiency antennas and a high-performance positioning and tracking unit, allowing the terminal to be operated anywhere in the world.

In order to meet the diverse needs of its customers, INSTER has developed single band and dual band terminals in X, Ka and Ku frequencies.

The SGoSat family of terminals can also be configured with a wide range of radomes (including ballistic options) to suit customer requirements.