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Development, production and support of avionics equipment for various types of aircraft units.


AIRBUS / Air Force


Aeronautics | Aerospace and Defense

Capabilities used

Systems engineering.

Design and development of on-board electronics.

In-house production of avionics equipment.


After the initial phase of supplying avionics equipment for both flight critical and non-flight critical units for on-board systems integration, the phase of maintenance and support programs for the avionics equipment supplied for various types of airborne units began.


For these platforms, more than 500 units (both safety critical and non-safety critical) have been delivered and are still operational today thanks to the maintenance and retrofitting of the equipment:

  • Propeller reverse control unit.
  • Unit of measurement of propeller phase.
  • Audio management system.
  • Failure control system.
  • Weapons Management System.
  • Temperature control unit.
  • Flap control system.
  • Stall warning system.
  • MIDS Interface Computer.
  • Multifunction Displays
  • Recognition pods
  • HVC cameras


For more than 30 years we have been providing in-service support for avionics equipment, guaranteeing the optimum aircraft life cycle with support engineering, MRO and logistics management services, all with the highest quality standards, achieving up to DAL C level of assurance in accordance with DO-254B or DO-178C.


Tecnobit - Grupo Oesía has become a supplier of excellence in the integral support and support to the life cycle of its own and third party products both in the national and international traditional field of avionics for air platforms such as C-212, CN-235, C-295, C-101, A400M, A330-200, F-18, Eurofighter. We have even been recognized by Airbus as one of the Best Repair Centers servicing the A400M.