Logistics and Retail

To have processes that optimize costs and efficiency has become imperative for the success of retail and logistics.

Pascual García Zornoza

Pascual García Zornoza


Just in time

Just-in-time cannot be a promise but a guaranteed reality for the eCommerce experience of the customer. In this context, the creation of flexible multimodal environments is the answer to the omnichannel requirements of the business. 

Any improvement must be carried out while guaranteeing the service being provided.


Moving services to the cloud, automation and robotization are essential allies, as well as applying market solutions, adapted to the particular needs of each business and based on knowledge of the operation. In addition, the need for rapid and non-traumatic adaptation requires a mobile and scalable logistics infrastructure as in the case of automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Management Systems

The development of sophisticated management systems for one of the world’s largest retail companies provides us with more than twelve years of solid industry expertise, with strong knowledge of infeed, positioning, manual and robotic warehousing, AGVs, RFID technology (radio frequency identification), mobility and warehouse devices, sorters, picking and paking, palletizing and dispatch management.

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