Digital Twin, a golden ally for the digital transformation of industries

Introduction The Digital Twin is considered one of the technology trends with the greatest growth potential. To get an idea, according to Markets and Markets Research its global market was calculated at 3.1 trillion (billions) in 2020 and some of the estimates from various consulting firms predict that the use of Digital Twins will exceed […]

How drone package delivery works

The post Covid aviation industry The aviation industry has suffered one of the toughest setbacks in its history with the COVID-19 pandemic. The reduction in human mobility significantly affected global air traffic. In 2021, when mobility began to be reactivated, green shoots began to appear, with the number of flights on the rise, reaching figures […]

Logistics and Retail

markets Logistics and Retail Logistics and retail To have processes that optimize costs and efficiency has become imperative for the success of retail and logistics. Petri Alonso Managing Director Just in time Just-in-time cannot be a promise but a guaranteed reality for the eCommerce experience of the customer. In this context, the creation of flexible […]