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Ruggedized multifunctional displays for combat vehicles


8x8 Dragon 8x8 Wheeled Combat Vehicle (8x8 RCV)


Aerospace and Defense | Terrestrial

Capabilities used

  • Systems engineering.
  • Display technologies: ruggedized LCD screens.
  • CPUs, GPUs, modules.
  • Environmental qualification according to MIL-STD 810/ MIL-STD 461 Ground Mobile standards.
  • Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA).
  • In-house production of ruggedized displays.


The good result of the new generation of aeronautical displays designed and developed by Grupo Oesía -Tecnobit for the F-18 of the Spanish Air Force has encouraged the launching of a new product line of ruggedized touch displays. These displays have been specially designed for defense applications that require high processing capacity, including a ruggedization level that enables their operation in the most demanding environments.


TECNOBIT- Oesia Group will supply the ruggedized displays for the entire fleet of vehicles, reaching almost a thousand and a half units when the first phase of the VCR 8×8 fleet is operational.


In relation to the operation of the VCR 8×8, TECNOBIT- Oesia Group ruggedized displays whose design is based on the latest generation processor card, allow the implementation of different functionalities that require a high processing capacity such as the execution of the BMS (Battle Management System) providing mission information and cartography or the video display of the driving support cameras with an extremely low latency time improving the situational awareness of the crew.

In addition, the displays have been conceived with a modular and flexible design that implements a large number of interfaces for easy integration into the vehicle network, vehicle-specific CAN BUS communication interfaces, high-speed interfaces, Ethernet and RS-422/RS-232 serial communication interfaces.

Finally, the displays incorporate an intuitive and user-friendly user interface, based on GVA (Generic Vehicle Architecture) standard button panel and touch screen for ease of use by the troops.


Today, we are proud to have started in our Factory 4.0 in Valdepeñas the serial production of the new ruggedized ground vehicle displays, starting what will be one of the biggest productions of TECNOBIT - Grupo Oesía. Our technology will provide the Spanish Army with state-of-the-art displays to improve its operational capability while strengthening the national technological capabilities and the national industrial fabric.