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Elena Morgade - Managing Director

Elena Morgade

Managing Director

Intelligent Vision

Intelligent Vision integrated by the functional chain of electro-optical sensors (visual and infrared spectrum), processing and intelligent image melting (intelligent Infra-red Search and Tracking – IRST systems) from multiple sensors and disruptive systems (through 3D and augmented reality systems) of presentation of the processed image to the operators and to the combatant (multifunction intelligent terminals).

Secure and resilient tactical communications

Secure and resilient tactical ground and air-to-surface communications formed by the functional chain of data link processors (Datalink) in NATO and non-NATO formats, key generators, encryptors and key distribution systems, multi-platform and multi-domain, integrated in the terrestrial tactical cloud, including algorithms resistant to quantum computing.

Advanced synthetic training

Advanced synthetic training through field artillery simulators and tank duel simulators, which provide simulation capabilities in real environments (live fire – Life) virtual (simulated firing – Virtual) and constructive (staff and simulated systems – Constructive), as well as helicopter simulators for training, navigation and maintenance.

Modular electronic systems

Versatile modular electronic systems with high processing capabilities applying advanced HW / SW electronics concepts for the development of computers and operating SW based on integrated modular avionics (IMA) for critical applications of autonomous systems: Autopilots, Autotesting Navigation, Communications and other functions

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence applied to unmanned ground vehicles ( Unmanned Ground Vehicles – UGVs) in support of manned platforms and the warfighter, to enable effective interoperability between manned and unmanned systems.

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