Business Intelligence

gacela Business Intelligence Gacela The value of the data in the decision making process clinical and operational decisions is just a click away In the healthcare field, millions of data are recorded at different levels of medical care and its value lies in the ability to take advantage of this information and make decisions that […]


gacela Outpatients Gacela We are with the patient when the consultation time is short, but not less important The hospital system offers a level of care through outpatient consultations to respond to the needs of the population and they are usually for a short period of time, which leads us to act quickly, providing the […]

Primary Care

gacela Primary Care Gacela We accompany our health care professionals from the first line of medical care Our experience in the management of health care at more complex levels of health care helps us to highlight the need for continuity of care from the first line of action, leading us to provide the working tools […]

Digital Pathology End-to-End Solution: Padix

Digital Health Digital Pathology End-to-End Solution: Padix Digital Health Integrated Management of the Digital Pathology Ecosystem Towards an innovative, scalable and sustainable digital transformation Our solution was created to support pathologists and their clinical teams in the process of digitizing medical images from the laboratory and to facilitate the adoption of telepathology tools needed in […]

Interoperability: an essential value for our healthcare system

In the present context of accelerating digital transformation in all areas of our society, the healthcare sector could not be left out. In this sense, the healthcare technology sector is the main driver to ensure the transformation of the healthcare system. However, the challenges are very great. Identifying and addressing them is our immediate task […]

Digital Health

markets Digital Health Digital Health Accelerating the digital transformation of health systems and services. Yulisa Dominguez Head of Digital Health Innovative technological solutions At Grupo Oesía we accompany the leaders of public and private health to transform health systems and services, through innovative technological solutions that improve the quality and access to health care for […]