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Digital Pathology End-to-End Solution: Padix

Integrated Management of the Digital Pathology Ecosystem

Towards an innovative, scalable and sustainable digital transformation

Our solution was created to support pathologists and their clinical teams in the process of digitizing medical images from the laboratory and to facilitate the adoption of telepathology tools needed in clinical practice, research and education.

In addition, we support the IT team for an efficient management of anatomic pathology images from their digitization, archiving, storage, visualization and image analysis by artificial intelligence.

From complex to simple

Padix seeks to accelerate the digital transformation process in laboratories by offering a comprehensive management of the entire Digital Pathology Ecosystem where the main objective is to bring pathology physicians closer to Computational Pathology.

Our contribution to the fight against cancer

Every year more and more cases of cancer are reported worldwide and we know that Digital Pathology can help speed up the process of diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

From Grupo Oesía we are committed to put our grain of sand in projects as complex as this one and to work hand in hand with our clients to take their first steps.

Value Proposition

Manage specialized medical imaging in anatomic pathology, in a neutral and agnostic way, to hardware and software manufacturers.

Archiving and storing images under the DICOM protocol.

Visualize and analyze images with the best technology available in the market.

Facilitate tools for telepathology and multidisciplinary medical meetings (MDT).

Promote interoperability in the integration of solution components in the hospital and research environment (LIS/LIMS, PACS/VNA, EHR, HL7, DICOM).

Ensure that the hardware and software components of the offered solution have the current European Certification.

Accompany our clients in the process of digital transformation of laboratories.

Offer customized solutions for infrastructure, communications and storage management.






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