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Care management system: Gacela

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With the eyes of the professional

In Grupo Oesía we have fully developed a platform of simple and intuitive applications, based on the nursing methodology and that facilitate the work of the health professionals, improving the quality of care and the care of millions of patients.

With the implementation of this software, we guarantee regulatory compliance and security, in addition to avoiding transcription errors and data duplication, reducing costs and allowing integration with other hospital systems.

Extensive experience in Digital Health

A track record of more than 20 years and an implementation in more than 70 hospitals are the endorsement of this healthcare platform that facilitates the daily work of thousands of nursing professionals.

Any improvement must be carried out while guaranteeing the service being provided.

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Advantages of the Gacela care management system

For the patient

It facilitates a continuum of care at all levels of medical care.

Improve the quality of medical care by having personalized health plans where continuous assessment and review of health status is possible.

For the professional

Providing care in a rational, logical and systematic manner.

Improve clinical practice by promoting evidence-based decision making.

Reinforce the Professional Nursing Framework and its role in care.

For the management team

Prevent and control the variability of care: Standardize nursing activity and care processes by establishing a common language and a homogeneous methodology.

Increasing efficiency and enabling the evaluation of results: Quality of care indicators.

Our bed map has been helping nursing professionals in their daily work for 20 years.

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