Day Hospital

Specialized care for all,

quality treatments are our goal

This modality of care has undergone considerable development in recent years, notably increasing the efficiency of patient care, avoiding hospital admissions that are not strictly necessary.

Benefits of Gacela Day Hospital

Streamlines management

Of patients admitted and/or scheduled for admission to the day hospital.

Information management

Generated throughout the care process.

Decrease in the number

Of admissions and readmissions to full hospitalization.

Decrease in the number of stays

In full hospitalization.

Decrease in the care burden

In emergency departments and other health services.

Treatment discharge

Discharges and complements treatment in the outpatient system.

Family involvement

Promotion of family participation in the therapeutic process.

Agile tool

To rescue the patient’s medical history in a computerized hospital.

Security in information processing

Compliance with the LOPD.

Who trusts us

Improved capabilities


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